Saturday, June 26, 2010

Smocked Bishop Gown

I call this style of bishop my cheater bishop.......because only the front section is smocked. I know it isn't as pretty as a full smocked bishop, but when you don't have a lot of time, it certainly is a nice alternative. I needed yet another baby shower gift and with summer here, I just don't have as much time to sew. So I whipped this up yesterday. Sorry for the lousy photos...I just snapped them real quick this morning before I wrapped it up. My focusing isn't very sharp on either one!
It is just used Pink Imperial Broadcloth. You can find it for a great price here. Then a little French lace from my stash. So this sort of design is fairly inexpensive to make and is a great present. I just used a regular bishop pattern and instead of smocking the top of the sleeves and the back pieces, I just gathered them and attached them to the bias neckline as usual.
Have a wonderful weekend! :o) Angela

Monday, June 21, 2010

Shower presents...

I have been gone on vacation this past week. It was great, but it is always good to be home :o) Before I left, I whipped up some baby shower gifts that I thought I would share. I originally was making a smocked gown......but then I found out that the mom-to-be liked more mod or retro items!! lol So I had to do a quick change of gears. :o)
Here are a couple of dress sets with bloomers. The green/blue print is Portabello Pixie's Claire pattern in a 6 mos size. The other is a sundress that I made from a FREE tutorial. You can find the pattern here.

I also made a little covered wipe case. Those are so fun! Mine is not the greatest, but I found an AWESOME FREE tutorial on how to make them here. They make super gifts.

Lastly, I embroidered a little onesie. I added some bum ruffles and matching little shoes to try and up the cuteness factor :o) I'll post my template for the little shoes if anyone wants it.
Well, that's all for me today. Back to laundry from my trip............ugghgh!! lol

Saturday, June 12, 2010


I have a random name picking program called the HAT. You put in a list of names, press shuffle, then press the hat button. It will pull out an individual name. The name it pulled was the blogger "db" So if "db" could please contact me, I will get to work on your FREE SUNDRESS!! woohoooo :o) Thank you to all those who left me comments. I really appreciate you taking the time to do that.
(If anyone wants to download the Hat random name program, it is free. You can find it here.)
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Baby Blue Daydress....

I crown Jeannie Baumeister the Queen of Daydresses. I just LOVE "The Old Fashioned Baby" line of patterns that she created. They have such precious vintage detailing and style. This dress is a version from her Baby Daydresses pattern. You can find her patterns here
I had to alter it to a size 18 months, so it really more of a dress, not a daygown. I also had to use the lace I had on hand, so it is also a little different from the pattern. However, the overall look is very much like the original pattern.

The hand embroidery was stitched in all white with white French laces.
It also includes a little hand embroidered slip. You can see the shadow of it in the photo below.

Again, I love the precious little details that she provides.

Don't forget the free sundress giveaway! If you haven't entered the drawing, see the post below. :o) Have a great week!

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Whole New Look! FREE Sundress!

I have been struggling with the idea of changing the look of my website for a while now. I wanted it to look more professional, but the frilly froo-froo side of me just couldn't bear the thought of it! So in stepped my friend, Michelle. She has been telling me for years to "clean up" my website as she felt that it competed with the photos of my work. She has a super clean, refined style. However, she knows how I long for frills............
So, she took it upon herself to help me redesign it! (God bless her!) She even walked me through the steps of splicing logos with links, etc. so that I could build and maintain the site myself. Here was the logo she came up with
She went against her grain as much as she could and frilled it up a little for me, yet also tried to keep it clean and professional.
If you get the chance, could you please check my website and tell me if it looks ok on your end and if you like the new look? You can find the link on the left. I would appreciate any and all comments and especially constructive criticism!! :o)
As a thank you, to those who leave a comment, I will enter you in a drawing for a FREEEEEE custom smocked sundress up to size 5. :o)
I will have the drawing next weekend, the 12th of June.
Thank you!!!! Angela