Saturday, November 13, 2010

Shadow Embroidered Baby Dedication Gown....

This custom order was for a dear little baby at church that I have the privilege of loving on twice a week :o) It included the gown, bonnet and matching bracelet.

The gown is made of a beautiful silk batiste that I bought from my friend Sara. She does gorgeous work herself! It also included french lace insertion, beading and edging. It was shadow embroidered with a beautiful cross, dove, ribbon and floral design from Martha Pullen's Christening gown pattern.

I added shadow embroidery to the sleeves also.

I hope to get some professional photos taken to show off the true beauty of it. I cannot wait to see it on my little sweetie at church tomorrow! :o) I'll try and post a picture of her in it if I can. :o)


  1. A perfect little gown! I adore the special touch of embroidery on the sleeves.

  2. this is just too gorgeous for words!!! As always, your work is just beautiful!!