Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Golf dress....

Those of you who follow my blog might remember that last year, my son got to meet his favorite golfer, Ian Poulter, at the TPC in Sawgrass. Ian was so kind to my kids. This year, I decided to make Ian's little girl a dress in honor of her daddy. I was able to give it to him yesterday when we went to watch the TPC practice rounds. He was so kind and appreciative. He signed his own glove and gave it to my son. I thought I would share a photo of the little dress I made. It was seersucker, smocked at the waist and appliqued along the hemline with a golfing scene featuring Ian, himself! I hope he wasn't insulted.......he was not the easiest thing to applique! Ian is known for his tartan trousers, so I made him wearing some on the dress.

The bodice of the dress had little golf ball buttons.

Here is a closeup of the applique.
Ian always wears white sunglasses and a visor, so that is how I stitched him.
It was such a fun day. Ian Poulter has 4 fans for life in my family. :o)
Have a great day!


  1. A wonderful dress and so unique,l bet the little girl in question will love her dress and have a proud daddy,you are so clever and all of you smockers in blogland inspire me so much and for that l am truly thankfull.

    Hugs Pat.

  2. Being a golfer I am intrigued with this precious little dress. Love it. More info please on the dress pattern and the lovely applique. Thanks, Susan VH

  3. I just used Ellen McCarn's basic yoke dress for the pattern. I just smocked the skirt instead of the bodice. The smocking design is the one I made up for Summer Fields in AS&E 83...I just didn't add the flowers. The applique is one I designed myself and did freehand, so there isn't a pattern for it.
    Thanks! Angela

  4. Somehow blogger deleted some comments on here. I wanted to let SusanV know that I did answer her questions......they just disappeared when blogger when haywire the last couple of days. The dress pattern was improvised from Ellen McCarn's basic yoke dress. I just smocked the skirt instead of the bodice. The smocking design was the one I made up for AS&E 83 called Summer Fields. I just did not include the flowers. The applique was hand drawn, cut and stitched, so there is no pattern for it.
    Thanks again!