Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Heirloom Photo Idea...

I know a lot of my customers purchase special dresses for photos, so I thought I would share a photo idea. If you have a special little slip with your dress, sometimes it is sweet to take pictures of the child in the slip while the dress hangs beside them. For my photo, I put the dress on a mannequin, but you could have it on a hanger or laying across a chest, etc. I also brought in my great grandmother's antique Singer machine for our photo.
Please excuse the poor quality of the photo....it was a photo of a photo! The slip is made from ivory Swiss Nelona with ecru French lace and pin tucks. The dress is a wedding ring pattern made from robin's egg blue Swiss Nelona and ecru French laces. I wish you could see the details better, but perhaps you will get the general idea. I think if you click on the photo, you can see it a little better.


  1. Great photograph! I would have never thought of posing a child that way but it is so precious, especially with the antique sewing machine behind her too.

  2. Awe, she looks so little! Love that :). I hope you are well, miss you!