Thursday, May 13, 2010

83 roses later.......

and it is FINALLY finished!!!! PHEW!!! lol

This peacock blue dupion silk bishop features 83 bullion roses/rosebuds trailing down the neckline and on the sleeves. I really am a glutton for punishment, aren't I? lol I believe I made .73 cents a hour on this one! :o) I think it will make lovely portraits though! Here is a closeup photo of the bodice.

I improvised the smocking design from Babycakes in AS&E 64. I changed it up to fit my color scheme,size,etc. I am pleased with the results and I hope my customer is too.


  1. Oh that is gorgeous!! Well worth your time even if you did only make 73 cents/hr!! I've never seen a bishop done with trailing flowers like that before. It looks so pretty.

  2. Gorgeous! I'm sure your customer will be thrilled!