Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Baby Blue Daydress....

I crown Jeannie Baumeister the Queen of Daydresses. I just LOVE "The Old Fashioned Baby" line of patterns that she created. They have such precious vintage detailing and style. This dress is a version from her Baby Daydresses pattern. You can find her patterns here
I had to alter it to a size 18 months, so it really more of a dress, not a daygown. I also had to use the lace I had on hand, so it is also a little different from the pattern. However, the overall look is very much like the original pattern.

The hand embroidery was stitched in all white with white French laces.
It also includes a little hand embroidered slip. You can see the shadow of it in the photo below.

Again, I love the precious little details that she provides.

Don't forget the free sundress giveaway! If you haven't entered the drawing, see the post below. :o) Have a great week!


  1. I second that! I love Jeannie Baumeister too! This turned out so beautiful. Your hand embroidery is perfect, as always!

  2. Jeannie is definitely Queen! Your version is so sweet.
    I love your new blog look, too!

  3. Your little dress is lovely and I thank you for using my little pattern to make it. I am honored to be named "Queen" of anything!! I love the dress hanging with the back lighting behind it!!