Monday, June 21, 2010

Shower presents...

I have been gone on vacation this past week. It was great, but it is always good to be home :o) Before I left, I whipped up some baby shower gifts that I thought I would share. I originally was making a smocked gown......but then I found out that the mom-to-be liked more mod or retro items!! lol So I had to do a quick change of gears. :o)
Here are a couple of dress sets with bloomers. The green/blue print is Portabello Pixie's Claire pattern in a 6 mos size. The other is a sundress that I made from a FREE tutorial. You can find the pattern here.

I also made a little covered wipe case. Those are so fun! Mine is not the greatest, but I found an AWESOME FREE tutorial on how to make them here. They make super gifts.

Lastly, I embroidered a little onesie. I added some bum ruffles and matching little shoes to try and up the cuteness factor :o) I'll post my template for the little shoes if anyone wants it.
Well, that's all for me today. Back to laundry from my trip............ugghgh!! lol


  1. How sweet,loving the little dresses and the vests and shoes you are clever.

    Hugs Pat

  2. Adorable! We just came home from vacation last night as well and I have yet to start on laundry or anything. Yet, it is still there awaiting me.

  3. Oh the little dresses are so colorful and pretty! I am sure the mama will love them. SO very pretty.